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Project Description

Delicious Bookmarks inserts an Unordered list of bookmarks into Windows Live Writer, from your delicious account. It can be filtered to just a single tag and remembers the last time it was run. You'll no longer need to manually copy each link over.
It's developed in C#

Extra detail

I have a 'useful links' category on my blog and use that to publish useful links that I've bookmarked with delicious. I was manually copying each link over, rather than complaining because nothing else was doing what I wanted I decided to write a Windows Live Writer plugin to do the job for me. Now I just need to set some initial values, the connection details for my delicious account, an optional tag (to filter results for) and the date from which results should be returned. The date is auto updated after successful use so only new bookmarks are returned.

Still to do

I haven't started with the Unit Tests. It would be good to get a good suite together soon

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