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After installing the plugin you will need to configure it for your own account. To do that open the Plug-ins screen from the Tools > Option menu.
Select the Delicious Bookmarks plugin and then click Options...
This will open a small form where you can:
  • Limit the number of results you want to return. Leaving this blank will return all matching bookmarks
  • Set the 'Last Used On' value. This setting updates every time you use the plugin so by default you only return bookmarks you've made after the last time you used it. But you can set any date you like here. The initial value is set to 01/01/2009 (should be good for most initial posts).
  • Parameters are the tags you want to return bookmarks from. This is optional - but I created a 'bloglist' tag and use it to identify bookmarks I want included in my list.
  • The final config setting is the Username of the delicious account you want to return bookmarks from. In most normal cases you will want to set this with your own delicious username - but it is possible to return bookmarks from any delicious account, just as it is possible to view the bookmarks from any delicious account if you go online...

Using the plugin

With the plugin configured for your use all you need to do is click it to insert an unordered list in your Windows Live Writer post and you're done.
this may take a short while depending on how many results it needs to return. It isn't threaded so WLW will hang for a second.

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